PAYE Modernisation Web Services

As part of PAYE Modernisation, a number of web services will be provided in the future to allow reporting to Revenue to be integrated into an employers payroll run. An overview of the web services to be provided can be viewed on the PAYE Modernisation technical overview page. The technical documentation, specifications and web services examples below are provided as support for these future live web services. They will enable payroll software developers to update their software packages to be compatible with PAYE reporting obligations from 2019 onwards. Prior to this (in 2018) a List of Employees can be submitted by each employer. The aim of this is to align Revenue employee records and Employers employee records in advance of the changes to reporting obligations. The technical documentation is detailed below.

There are two PIT Environments available to software developers, the first PIT environment is a representation of the live environment with functionality kept up to date with the functionality currently available in the live environment. The second PIT environment is the PIT Next Version environment, which will contain upcoming functionality that is pertinent for developers to test their software ahead of the live release.

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Support Facilities

Revenue provides a Help Desk facility for software developers. To register for this facility go here.

Once registered with the Help Desk you can:

  • Get access to the Public Interface Testing facility for PAYE Modernisation
  • Raise technical issues encountered while validating your files using the PIT facility
  • Raise queries in relation to the PAYE Web Service Specifications, Supporting Documentation or PAYE Web Service Examples
This documentation is served from Revenue's GitHub PAYE Modernisation repository, which can be found here.